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This castle marks a steep descent into Big Gun Pass, aptly named for the huge pistol shaped formation cocked in the saddle below. The descent has drops that are almost the length of my body. Things get less hairy further down where I zigzag on grassy sections between best food dehydrators the rocks, sliding down on my buttocks. Geryon dips out of view temporarily, but were close to its triple-crowned summit. Pixie play Camping atop Falling Mountain. Through a tunnel of whirling mist we clamber sideways up a steep scrub-covered slope. A huge slab of rock obscures the mighty Geryon, which stands facing the many lakes of the Central Highlands Plateau off in the distance. We pause, looking to the south over the tarn-dotted expanse of the Labyrinth, soon after which the Minotaur awaits. Mist continues to barrel in and conditions are getting gnarly. My imagination paints Geryons faces onto the clouds, their snarling expressions summoning this disorientating mist.

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